KudoPay™: An Easier Way to Pay

Never heard of KudoPay? It’s coming to your favorite store very soon!

KudoPay™ is an easier way to send money to friends, family, your favorite local store, even your landlord.  Use KudoPay to pay for the stuff you buy – using your mobile phone, your computer, or your grandpa’s way (we’ll even give you a plastic card if you insist – our’s are made from eco-friendly biodegradable plastic and non-toxic materials).

Why use KudoPay? First, it’s safe and easy.  Second, you save money because merchants give you instant discounts on everything you buy using KudoPay.  No waiting for rewards that never come, or earning points that don’t mean diddly. Instant gratification!  KudoPay feels good already, don’t you agree!

Merchants will love you. That’s because you save them money everytime you use KudoPay to pay. That means lower prices on everything you buy.

How does KudoPay work? Simple.  Payment works just like any other credit card account.  You always need your account number and your 6-digit personal PIN number to make a purchase.

You can choose how to “fund” your KudoPay purchase – typically from your checking account or your KudoPay credit account.  You can set-up as many “funding” accounts as you like – such as a personal line of credit from just about every bank or credit union.

At the time of purchase, you choose your “funding source” with the unique 6-digit personal PIN number you selected for each account.

Your funds are verified and your transaction is complete.

You also have the option to receive mobile message and email receipts and statements tailored to your needs – daily, weekly, monthly or whatever (we don’t mail paper statements because it just isn’t earth-friendly).

Where do I sign-up for KudoPay? KudoPay is available now from participating merchants, credit unions, and banks.  Ask them for KudoPay.  If they don’t accept KudoPay, tell them to contact us to sign-up today!

More information? Complete the Contact Us request.