How is KudoPay™ Different?

KudoPay allows consumers to choose to “fund” their purchase from their linked multiple accounts at Point-of-sale/Time-of-Sale, including:
  • KudoCredit personal unsecured line of credit—
  • Linked bank account or line of credit (including overdraft protection lines of credit)
  • Account funds from multiple banks
  • —Other deposit or line of credits
  • —Prepaid loading options
KudoPay offers both business and personal accounts
  • —Flexible spending controls
  • —Six-digit PIN for added security
  • Companion cards for family
  • Employee cards for controlled spending (business accounts only)
—More relevant merchant rewards for consumers
  • KudoPay Rewards are offered by the merchants where you shop
  • Merchants can offer a wide variety of “rewards” tailored to their customers’ interests